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Why AZ Construction???

Because we are the Panhandle's most professional handyman service "Period".

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Have you ever been truly satisfied with a home service company you used? Probably not! Could you still see dirty fingerprints, greasy parts, or areas that should have been cleaned up after the service person had left your home? Did you have to waste most of your day because they were late-or didn't show up at all, with out a call..? Did they charge you a high price-and then needed to have an "expert" back to finish the job they were incompetent of performing..? All home repair handyman companies are not the same. Sure, they all talk about or "promise" the importance of quality work, quality helpers, and showing up on time at a fair price. But AZ Construction doesn't believe in false promises and we're sure you don't have time for them. Instead, we offer you our commitment to quality work, quality helpers, honest answers and showing up on time every time. You don't get empty promises from AZ Construction. We are not only committed to providing you with far greater value than any handyman you've used before, but we back it up with our Guarantee.

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AZ Construction provides an efficient, cost effective and professional service to both residential and commercial properties from Perdido Key to Miramar Beach.

We do not use subcontractors!

We cater to customers who require someone for a short period of time to help with those odd jobs that never seem to get fixed. Unlike specialized tradesmen who aren't usually interested in small jobs and will charge you a crazy hefty rate for simple tasks, AZ Construction works in the opposite way.

It couldn't be any simpler or cost effective to have all of those small jobs completed quickly and hassle free! Just leave them for AZ Construction, LLC.

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